Stop getting in your own way

Just popping by this Monday afternoon to share a fantastic little piece I found through Limebird Writers, a collaborative blog out of the UK that I’ve started following recently.

The piece is called “25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing” composed by author Chuck Wendig. (Fair warning for language – if you’re turned off by the f-word, put on your censoring sunglasses before you read.) It’s some of the most honest, in-your-face advice on how to stop getting in your own way that I’ve ever found – I couldn’t have written a better list. It’s one of those things I want to pin up next to my writing desk – and judging by the comments, I’m not alone on that.

Once you’ve read it, come back to discuss – which ones did you need to hear? Were there any examples of things you have already stopped doing?

(I also learned a new word: haruspicy – the practice of consulting animal entrails for omens about the future. I was familiar with the practice but not the name. Is it weird to get excited about learning new words?)

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